Wow Scarlett

Jenn: So why do you love math so much?

Sina: I don’t.

Jenn: Yes you do.

Sina: I know… I dunno why.

Jenn: Because it’s easy for you?

Sina: No. It’s not that easy for me. I don’t know. I just like watching it. I like seeing how it all works.

Jenn: Why?

Sina: Well *Shrugs* *Pause* … because it’s perfect.

Jenn: Perfect?

Sina: Yeah, perfect. I seem to like perfect things.

Jenn: And perfect people?

Sina: Probably.

Jenn: You know, you shouldn’t have such high expectations… It’s not like math, no one is perfect.

Sina: And I am no one.

Jenn: So you are perfect…. *Pause* You’ll never find it.

Sina: I know.

Looking For a Replacement

"The day the Lord created hope was probably the same day he created Spring." – Bern Williams

"The day the Lord created despair was probably the same day he created Winter." – Sina Motamedi

~Earlier Today~

Sina: So what do you think?

Bern: Sina, you just copied my quote.

Sina: Bernie, I wasn’t trying to steal it or anything. I was just adding to it. We both know Winter should die.

Bern: That’s true.

Sina: And really, the death of Winter should be our top priority here.

Bern: Okay fine. Go ahead and post it.

Sina: Thanks Bernie.