I was the one washing blood of your hands

Sina: I went to see my prof today.

Cass: Oh yah…

Sina: Yahh. I told him how much trouble I was having, how I just can’t seem to get the material.

Cass: What did he say?

Sina: He just told me he was sorry. It was the most depressing thing… he was looking at me and talking to me the same way I do when I have students who I know try hard, but will never "get it" because they’re just not smart enough.

Cass: [pause] Hang in there.

Sina: I wanted to tell him "I know what you’re thinking!"

Back in the day when things were cool…..

Cass: My computer’s broken

Sina: What do you mean broken

Cass: Well, every time I open this program it crashes and I lose my files. Could you take a look at it?

Sina: Well I don’t really know anything about computers.

Cass: Please Sina. You’re so big and strong, I’m sure you can fix it.

Sina: Well, when you put it that way… I guess looking can’t do any harm. Hmmmmmm

Cass: Well?

Sina: I’m not really sure… Oh wait. Here’s your problem!

Cass: What??

Sina: You have a PC, dummy. PC’s run Windows. Windows is unreliably faulty and full of bugs. You need to get a Mac.

Cass: Oh Sina, you’re my hero!