I wanna see you

Sina: Quick question

God: What

Sina: I spilled coffee on my dictionary, so it’s hard to read a few of the pages. Anyway. “Life”, I need the definition.

God: Oh, well the meaning of life is that in a desert full of sand… — Hey! You think you can trick me like that?! I’m all-knowing, all-seeing, all-doing, all-everything.

Sina: Sorry

God: I must say though, you’re quite clever.

Sina: Why thanks. You’re not so bad yourself.

Pictures do not exist. Or do them?

Sina: So are we friends?

Lizz: No, we’re MSN friends

Sina: What does that mean

Lizz: It means we only talk on MSN.

Sina: Yah that’s not gonna fly with me.

Lizz: Well I don’t want anything else.

Sina: Then it’s nothing you’ll have

Lizz: And the pictures?

Sina: What pictures?

Ottawa or bust

Sina: I have a crush on the Governor General.

Cass: That’s almost blasphemy.

Sina: There’s just something about her. I can’t explain it.

Cass: I thought you had a crush on Mats Sundin.

Sina: Are you dumb? That’s a man crush. Not a crush crush.


Sina: Idiot.

Cass: So marry her.

Sina: I wish. You’d have to address me as Your Excellency.

Cass: No I wouldn’t

Sina: Yes you would

Cass: No I wouldn’t

Sina: Yes you would

Cass: No. I wouldn’t.

Sina: Yes. You. Would. Or else I’ll have you beheaded.

Cass: You can’t do that

Sina: Yes I can

Cass: No you can’t!

Sina: Yes I can!