My first video blog

I hope this works…

So this is the top of the mountain that I hiked to with my brother and cousin a week or so ago.

The video quality sucks once you upload it to Photobucket. It’s better on Flickr (updated 11 March 2009).

The Simpson’s: Movie

Dad: Didn’t I ask you to watch Ari?

Sina: Sounds like something you’d say…

Dad: You lost Ari?!

Sina: Uh oh.

Dad: OH no boy, this time you’ve really done it! This time you’re gonna get it.

Sina: Dad, I’m really sorry!

Dad: Sina, I forbid you to see The Simpson’s Movie! Ever!

Sina: *gasp*

Dad: Someday you’ll thank me for this, son.

[30 years later]

Prime Minister Sina Motamedi: Hey look they’re playing The Simpson’s Movie at that theatre. You think it’s okay if I see it now?

Dad: Sure son, I think you’ve learned your lesson.

[watching the movie]

Dad: Which one’s the fat one?

Prime Minister: Homer

Dad: Homer’s a jerk

Prime Minister: *chuckles* Yeah

Everything just passes by

Mada: Are you liar?

Sina: I don’t think I’m a liar. Do you think I’m a liar?

Mada: You seem to lie a lot.

Sina: Really? I don’t think so. I think I’m fairly honest.

Mada: You’re lying.

Sina: No really, this time I’m telling the truth. I really am honest. Really.

Mada: No you’re not

Sina: I know….