In class with the iPhone girl

Sina: Nice phone.

iPhone Girl: Oh thank you

Sina: It’s like a work of art

iPhone Girl: *giggles*

Sina: How much did you buy it for?

iPhone Girl: $500

Sina: Oh that’s pretty good actually. I’ve heard of people paying over $1000.

iPhone Girl: Yah my boyfriend’s friend paid $1200 a few months ago.

**a boyfriend??!!**

Sina: You’re unbelievably hot.


Sina: Unbelievably…

Girl behind us: Awkward….

I thought I'd live forever

Cass: You know no one reads your blog

Sina: I know

Cass: So then why have it?

Sina: I view it more as a long-term project. A record book more than anything else.

Cass: A record book?

Sina: Yah. It doesn’t matter if people see it. One day, in the future, I can come back and see it.

Cass: Like a time capsule….?

Sina: Exactly

Cass: I guess that’s pretty cool.

Sina: Duhh