Graduate School

The Question: Mathematics or Economics?

The details, with all values out of 10, are:

Subject Difficulty Ability Enjoyability
Mathematics 10 6.5 11
Economics 7 8.5 8

An added problem to the decision is that my enjoyment in Economics has actually increased over the past year (probably from 7 to now 8)…will that continue?

My enjoyment in mathematics has been consistently off the charts for years. However, the difficulty level in mathematics has increased significantly into my final undergraduate year (probably from 8.5 to now 10).

My abilities in both subjects have been, and will continue to be, constant.

*knock on wood*

The Hot-Crazy Scale

Crazy-Hot Scale

The above graph is the plotting of Craziness versus Hotness for various famous Hollywood actresses. Those above the dotted line are hotter than they are crazy, while those below are crazier than they are hot. The further someone is from the dotted line, the more extreme the difference between their Craziness and Hotness is.

I tried to keep the sample ethnically diverse, but I couldn’t think of famous English actresses for some/many ethnicities.

It doesn’t seem that hotter girls are generally also crazier, which is what Barney predicts in How I Met Your Mother. Instead, the data is all over the map.

I wonder what the Bitchy-Hot scale would look like….