The Problem with Opposite Day

Sina: Good morning.

Cass: Bad morning.

Sina: ???

Cass: I really meant good morning, but I said bad morning. I said the opposite of what I actually meant.

Sina: Why?

Cass: It’s Opposite Day.

Sina: Hmmmm of course! So..wait…then it’s not opposite day.

Cass: Exactly. *wink*

Sina: Wait wait wait. So is it opposite day?

Cass: No it’s not opposite day, and that’s not *wink* the opposite of what I mean.

Sina: Riiiight. *wink*


Sina: I’m confused.

Listen idiot: it is opposite day…and so that’s why I’m saying that it’s not opposite day.

So it is opposite day.


Sina: Are you sure?


Sina: Sooooooo [pause] you’re not sure.

Opposite Day should be defined well in advance of the calendar date, so that nobody questions it the day of. I propose February 29, when it exists.

A typical conversation with my cousin (metaphorically)

Shiva: We should be in Ottawa.

Sina: Yah I know, let’s drive there.

Shiva: No, we should be in Ottawa right now.

Sina: Yah but we’re not, so we have to get in the car and drive.

Shiva: No but ideally we should already be there.

Sina: Yes Shiva, I know. But we’re not in Ottawa, so we’re gonna have to get in the car and drive there.

Shiva: I don’t understand why we can’t be in Ottawa right now.

Sina: Well we have to drive there, we can’t just snap our fingers.

Shiva: I just really think that we should be in Ottawa right now.

Sina: Shiva, I don’t think you’re understanding what I’m saying.

Ottawa ? elimination of poverty

driving car ? development and productivity growth through policies that are driven by sound economic models