My Life So Far…

Sina: I love phone interviews.

Cass: Why?

Sina: Ummm duhh….because I can wear whatever I want and have messy hair and do whatever want. I can even roll my eyes at stupid questions and give them an “are you stupid?” face.

Cass: That’s kinda pathetic.

Sina: How on Earth is that pathetic?

Cass: Well it’s at least childish.

Sina: *are-you-stupid face*

Cass: Right.

Sina: *rolls eyes*

The dread begins

A dire warning from my new employer:

Poor judgement in providing policy options or carrying out issues management responsibilities would seriously affect the ministry’s ability to ensure the government’s economic development agenda is met. Errors in research, analysis, identification of tourism trends and determination of issues impacting tourism in Ontario could result in inappropriate policy decisions being made that may have a negative effect on the tourism industry and other sectors.

In other words: no room for errors here.