Some Interesting Perspective from Tia

Sina: Do you like the Jonas Brothers too?

Tia: *shakes head*

Sina: Is it because Nick used to date Miley?

Tia: No

Sina: Then why…didn’t you used to like them?

Tia: Nope

Sina: Are you sure?

Tia: I only like their songs a little.

Sina: Well yeah, that’s what it means to like them.

Tia: *strange look and shakes head*  No it’s not!

Freaky Friday

It’s Friday the 13th. Let’s count to see how many freaky things happen today.

  1. Plane crashes in Buffalo, NY. 49 dead. (updated 1:00am)
  2. Tina loses her lit cigarette in her van. It is unclear how such a thing is possible. (updated 8:35am)
  3. For the first time since we started going there 4 months ago, there is no one in line at the Esso Tim Horton’s at Don Mills/Sheppard. Similarly, the roads are abnormally traffic free. (updated 8:36am)
  4. The Unix time 1234567890 falls on this day. (updated 8:37am)
  5. Tina has deduced that the lost cigarette was in her hood due to a hole with burn marks. Location of the cigarette butt is still unknown. (updated 8:51am)
  6. A Sept11 widower died in the Buffalo plane crash. She was travelling to celebrate her dead husband’s 58th birthday. (update 10:01am)
  7. Two teens were pushed on to the TTC subway tracks. Why? Because it’s Friday the 13th. (updated 9:39pm)
  8. Paradoxical title? YES! That’s what this day will do to a writer. (updated 9:47pm)
  9. Microsoft learns from its mistakes. This is weird. (updated 10:04pm)
  10. Stephen Harper tells a lie to save face. Oh wait, that’s not strange at all. (updated 11:38pm)

UPDATE: The article in #8 used to be titled “Leading economists agree that leading economists are wrong.”

Road to Machu

Sina: I’m going to Peru.

Jess: Wow, I’m so excited for you!!

Sina: Really?

Jess: Yah!

Sina: Wow! I’m excited for you that you’re excited for me!!!

Jess: *smiles* Yah it’s exciting.