March is over

Updates? For future reference, of course.

  • Lost my office, moving into a new one. It has a better view, but everything is so small.
  • Looking for a job. Hopefully I won’t need one.
  • Doing a stupid Time Series group project on pairs trading. Need to find a cointegrated pair, which is harder than it sounds.
  • Just got a Blip account.
  • Need to buy hiking boots, soon, and start hiking in preparation for Machu Picchu.
  • Want to buy a bike (bicycle), not sure if  I can afford it.
  • Want to buy a bike (motorcycle), not sure if I can afford it.
  • And I need to buy jeans. Nothing fits me anymore
  • I also want to get a geotagging camera, but it seems not many are developed yet.
  • Why does it seem like all I want to do is buy things…?

Wikipedia Knows Everything

People at work seem to be amazed at how quickly I find information. I find it amazing how amazing they find this. Really.

Here are three general rules to remember:

  1. Wikipedia knows everything. No exceptions.
  2. Google is your friend. All smart people use Google.
  3. Find/Replace will save you time reading/writing. Use it.

Remember that and all the old people you know will think you know everything.

Freakier Friday

It’s Friday the 13th. Again.

  1. Thus, vampires are in order. (updated 12:16am)
  2. xkcd hasn’t updated its Friday comic as of 12:31am. Very unusual. (update 12:31am)  I just realized… the late update was probably due to daylight savings and his server not properly updating the time. (updated 9:43am)
  3. I guess this is weird. (updated 1:24pm)
  4. Strange substance found in bathroom soap dispenser. I’m pretty sure it was Bloody Mary. (update 5:30pm)

Conservapedia might be Wikipedia's evil step-brother

Conservapedia informs us that “Obama is likely the first Muslim President” of the United States. They argue this because “Obama’s background, education, and outlook are Muslim, and fewer than 1% of Muslims convert to Christianity.”

But that all doesn’t matter anyway. Why? Because Obama isn’t the President of the United States. This follows from the fact that fewer than 0.0000001% of Americans have ever been the country’s President.

First Day of Work (8 months later)

I’m writing an employee profile at work and this question came up, so I’ve decided to post it for my future reference:

When did you start with the ministry?

11 June 2008. It was a sunny morning and I was listening to “Here Comes the Sun” by The Beatles while enjoying an espresso from Java Joes across the street. I sat by the window but I couldn’t see outside because of the glaring sun. All I could gather was that the people walking outside were in rush to get wherever they were going and I remember wondering if I would soon be like them. I knew the espresso would make the butterflies in my stomach worse, but I needed the caffeine jump so I gulped it and went on my way…

GMail Will Change Your Life

My friend recently got GMail…

Sina: Gmail will change your life

John: everyone says that

Sina: it’s true

John: wack!

Sina: trust me, gmail will change how you use email

John: i just use this to chat
i’m sticking with hotmail for email

Sina: you’ll be sorrrrrrrryyyyyyyy

John: rawr!

Sina: just try it
you know what, whatever. your loss

John: i did

Sina: roar

John: you gmail fanatics are creepy

Sina: we’re just trying to spread the gospel

John: weirdos