Cyber Vandal

I wrote this in my drafts a few months ago with the above title to eventually be posted. Why not now, I suppose.

The “…..” was a generic statement that was meant to be filled later, since I couldn’t think of anything at the time of writing. I don’t think I’ll fill it though.

Jess: Did you write in Wikipedia that “…..”

Sina: *shocked* I would never vandalize Wikipedia. Ever. You know that.

Jess: Well it says “…..”. You’re the only person that knows that.

Sina: Maybe someone read your diary.

Jess: I don’t have a diary.

Sina: Maybe someone hacked your Facebook.

UPDATE (28 April 2010): Just fyi, this represents a typical conversation between me and Jessica.


I had an interview on Tuesday with the Ministry of Education which went…okay, I suppose. Interviews are so superficial. They might as well hire me based on my looks.

I’m ga-ga over R. Although I find it interesting that even it is easier to use on a Mac (there’s a status bar at the bottom of the console that identifies arguments for functions being used. Also, the Mac version autocompletes brackets and quotes. Also, the Mac version script editor has syntax highlighting). I’m sure they’ll add that for Windows in the next update.