Cusco, Cuy and Coca Tea

I’ve been in the hotel all afternoon and evening, dying to venture outside. *argh* We still haven’t fully adjusted to the altitude, so we’ve been forced to take it easy today. Hopefully we’ll be able to explore more tomorrow (Inca mummies?).

But we were at least able to explore much of the city this morning. This place is pretty interesting.

I’m still dying to try cuy. And I might be high on coca tea right now.

Faint Memories

Today I fainted for the first time ever — something to do with altitude sickness. It was cool/surreal/weird/scary. Don’t remember anything about it. All I remember thinking when I came back was “this is too real to be a dream, I can feel things”.

Nothing to report other than that, I’ve been in the hotel all day trying to acclimatize.

The mountains are beautiful, especially the ice caps.