Baby Give Me On More Chance

Still in Boston — well, Amherst now. But I did spend the day downtown. Bought a “Boston” sweater which I never got the chance to 8 years ago when I came. Well I did buy one 8 years ago, but it was a crappy one I never actually liked and then Katie took it — so yah. The traffic in Boston is crazy. Crazy. Worse than Chicago. Oh and the alcohol here is soooooooooooo cheap.

This cover by KT Tunstall is awesome.

Stop being so dramatic

Jenn: So what now?

Sina: What do you mean?

Jenn: What’s your next plan of action?

Sina: I don’t have one. I don’t ever have one.

Jenn: You always have one.

Sina: Yeah but it’s not a plan. It’s more of a guideline.

Jenn: Fine, so what does your guideline say is next?

Sina: Nothing, I just go back to my old life.

Jenn: That sucks.

Sina: It’s not so bad.