My own mean girl

Sina: What do you think about her?

Cuqs: She’s a little ugly.

Sina: She’s not ugly.

Cuqs: It’s not that she’s ugly, it’s that she sorta looks like a frog.

Sina: Yeah, she is frog-like.

Cuqs: And as a person, you really don’t want to look like a frog.

Learn when to stop talking

Viki: It’s good that you and Peter are still friends though.

Rita: What do you mean….?

Viki: It’s just that it’s good that you guys are still able to be friends.

Rita: I’m not sure what you mean, we’re……we’re still together.

Viki: *confused* Oh really?

Rita: Yeah

Viki: Really?

Rita: Yeah…

Viki: Like, “together” together?

Rita: Uhhh….yeah, we’re together.

Viki: But I thought you broke up in, like….. February.

Rita: No…. Well…it’s complicated.

Sina: Oh okay, that’s cool — Viki, let’s go. *wink wink*

Viki: Wait wait — so you’re, like, together. I mean, are you sure? Because Peter told us you broke up in February.

Sina: Viki…. *nudges Viki* I think we should go now.

Rita: Yeah, we’re together. I don’t get it. I mean, did he tell you we’re not? It’s complicated….

Sina: No no no, he didn’t say anything at all. Viki is just making dumb assumptions. *turns to Viki* Viki, let’s go.

*Viki and Sina leave*


Sina: That was very interesting.

Viki: Is she telling the truth or did Peter lie to us?

Sina: Personally, I think she’s crazy. Secondly, you just gave Peter a very bad headache to deal with. tsk tsk

Re: It was one of those Perfect Summer Nights

After threatening to take her post down over embarrassment, I’ve decided to restate Vivian’s perfect summer night here just in case:


It starts with a girl and a boy. The night is silent, as the city sleeps. A gentle breeze whistles through the thick summer heat, creating the weather of perfection.

An elementary school. A playground. There are no children, there is no one in sight. Nostalgia all around. The girl and boy frolic through the deserted funhouse, reminiscing on how its like to go on a swing, or to go down a slide. They remember how its like to be a kid again.

There is at tree up ahead. Boy spots it and runs quickly towards it, leaving Girl behind on the swings with no one to push her. Girl turns around to find Boy up high on a branch. “Hey!” she cries, “I want to get up there too!” Girl tries to climb but fails as she realizes that she had no such thing as upper body strength. As though on command, Boy leaps down from the tree and hoists Girl right up until she is safe on a branch. Boy joins. Side by side they sit, looking up at the dark, clear sky. They see a few stars, and perhaps even a planet.

He doesn’t know it, but was her perfect summer night.

I don’t think it’s that embarrassing.

She may not be you, but she looks just like you

Dear Jessica,

I just came back from seeing John Legend at Casino Rama tonight, and I’m pretty sure I was right: John Legend’s voice is much more heart-melting than Michael Buble’s.

I’m sorry but if the man can melt my heart, he can definitely melt any woman’s. Like I said, I’m sure Michael Buble gets enough ass — but seriously, can he compete with this? Exactly.

It’s okay, I still love you and we can still be friends of course.

I miss you,