Quick Update from Windsor

I’m in Windsor (Ontario) for the Ontario Tourism Summit, staying at the Caesars Windsor. Here are a few quick updates and observations:

– I rode Via 1 here and it was pretty good.
– Tonight’s receptions at the Canadian Club Brand Centre was a cool venue.
– Casino’s are kinda depressing. Seriously.
– I won $37 on roulette tonight.
– VIP parties with people kissing your ass are conflicting. But I can see why they’re effective.
– We take it for granted, but the ease of communication in our modern world is amazing.
– Toronto is much bigger than people realize.

Good night.

Let’s not jinx this

Today is the last day of summer, and even though I don’t consider summer “over” until October, I can go ahead and say that the summer of 2009 has been the best summer of my post-childhood.

I fully expect summer 2010 to be even better, 2011 better than that, and so forth.

How Sina met Katie

Sina: Hi

Katie: Hi….

Sina: You have the most beautiful eyes I’ve ever seen

Katie: Oh…thank you

Sina: No really. Absolutely beautiful eyes.

Katie: Thanks *smiles*

UPDATE (27 January 2010): For those who’ve asked, and for future reference… Yes, this is actually how it happened.

A typical conversation with my dad

Dad: So do you go to work?

Sina: What do you mean? Yeah…

Dad: You go to work with that beard?

Sina: *shrugs* Yeah—  [pause] …They don’t pay me to shave.

Dad: *sarcastic chuckle* They pay you more than that.

Sina: I dunno. I’m not really worried about it. Shaving doesn’t make me work more or anything.

Dad: Well…….

Sina: Meh *shrugs*