Halloween week

It’s Halloween week!! I changed my theme for the week to be more festive, it looks like this.

In other news, I’m staying up a little late tonight to buy a shirt that goes on sale at midnight 1am because I’m afraid it’ll sell out before I wake up tomorrow. Yes, maybe a little pathetic, but you have to SEE this shirt.

Enjoy this horror video, again :D

Web 0.5

Geocities closed today, and it’s creating feelings of nostalgia for me.

I had my first webpage on Geocities back in, oh, probably….1996? It was a wrestling webpage with news and predictions from the WWF and WCW — I may have also had ECW in there somewhere. Not to stroke my own ego (that’s what she said), but for the time it was actually a pretty nice looking site. I created it using a combination of Dreamweaver and raw HTML writing — for later webpages/projects I also threw Netscape into the mix.

Geocities is where I learned most of the things I know about the internet, HTML, web architecture, etc. Especially HTML. Everything I know about HTML still comes from those days. The same is probably true for most people my age.

Oh well. That’s progress.

Another Windsor Update

Here we go:

– I don’t think my drinking density has been this high since Cuba, where I would begin drinking at 10am every day.
Comparing to the conference I went to last year in September, Quebec hospitality is about 10x better than Ontario hospitality — particularly the food.
– I hope I behaved well tonight.
– I made $8 at the casino tonight, but I’m about to go out for more…..so let’s knock on some wood. *knock knock*
– Tourism, from a public policy view, needs to rethink itself as provider of social service to the public as opposed to a revenue generator for the public.
– An exact quote from my twitter: “Wow, gambling can be so addictive. Thank god I’m a mathematician.” Really though, thank god I’m a mathematician.
– I’m easily replacable. I need to remember that.
– The government of Ontario really shouldn’t be involved in the casino business. Write your MP.

When in Rome…etc