Put dem on me bookshelf

I was just going through some old pictures and I came across these.



I think they’re circa grade 10, or possibly grade 11….I can’t decide if it was pre-Katie or not. But I’m pretty sure it was spring, so it must have been grade 10. I had just gotten my first webcam and was playing around with it and made these to send to Cuqui. I recall her actually finding it funny and not pulling her usual “you’re stupid” — but I could be wrong, I often have bad memory.

I’ve also been listening to Bookshelf mixes all night, so I’m up to my ears in grade 10 nostalgia.

A typical conversation with my best friends

Word-for-word via Twitter…

Terry: @sina You better have a lady lined up for me when I come home. That was our deal. Remind George about his duty as well.

Sina: @terry fuck you. email george yourself and tell him. you better bring a Korean girl for me. no, THREE korean girls to choose from.

Terry: @sina Learn to keep your fucking promise. I will fucking bitch slap you with my cock, you fucking cunt muscle.

Sina: @terry you’re so fucking vulgar. no girl i find is gonna wanna hear that shit.

Cuqui: @terry @sina that’s not entiiiiirely true…

Sina: @cuqui @terry name one wholesome girl terry would like that would be okay with that potty mouth

Cuqui: @sina @terry was talking about myself dinkus.

Sina: @terry @cuqui fine….terry, i already have a girl lined up for you then. done. now get my three koreans

So how big is your bedroom?

Val: Is this a date?

Sina: Well it depends on what you mean by “date”

Val: Okay…well, did you ask me here because you’re interested in me romantically?

Sina: If by “interested in you romantically” you mean “interested in you with your clothes off”, then I choose not to comment.


Sina: …..at this time

Val: Wow Sina, you’re really bad at this dating thing.

Sina: Ms Val, you’re really bad at this…..thing.


Sina: *cough* plus your face is ugly

There exists a delta

Lisa: So what, we’re not friends anymore?

Sina: My dear friend, I’m not sure we were ever friends.

Lisa: But you just called me your “dear friend”.

Sina: Oh beautiful, that was just an empty term of endearment.