This year I…

evolved into a tourism expert
lost a friend forever
– reconnected with an old friend and grew closer to another friend during a shared struggle
gained some other ‘friend’
after several attempts, finally got rid of that friend
hiked the Andes to Machu Picchu
had an amazing summer
went to war
somehow became a programmer
became a property owner, through unconventional means no less
became bored with hockey
read many webcomics
bought a lot of tshirts

I actually do my yearly review on July 1 — not sure what prompted me here.

UPDATE (6 Jan 2010): Technically/legally I won’t become a property owner until January 20, so I guess that should wait until my 2010 list.

Updated again 21 January 2010. So many friend things in 2009.

Latex Condo

Jenn: Did you buy a condo?

Sina: I think so

Jenn: Really?

Sina: Well, I signed a piece of paper and then they told me I owned a condo. Apparently that’s all it takes.

Jenn: Are you sure you weren’t actually signing over your consent to be used in a secret government experiment involving next generation brainwashing techniques that may or may not result in you developing a permanent involuntary spasm in your left eye??????

Sina: No. But I mean…I still got a condo out of it.

Paul Samuelson

My favourite economist Paul Samuelson died today.

He’s my favourite economist because he was one of the first to apply mathematical formalism to economic problems, something that was rarely done before — or at least, rarely done properly. That transformed economics from a mainly idealogical subject discussed in political cirlces to a social science with a formal foundation  — what I call the “scientification” of economics, allowing real scientific analysis that was not possible before. The Samuelson Criterion is still one of my favourites, because of its simplicity and elegance.

Truly one of the best.

I wish I knew Natalie Portman (for real, though)

So I was shopping last week when I suddenly had the strangest urge to see how much money it was possible for me to spend in one day. Being a gentleman and a man of science, I was obliged to accept this challenge proposed to me by my own subconcious…

Or at least I thought I did. Some damn lawyers had to get in the way with their damn lawyering. But alas, Babylon cannot defeat me and the deal finally went through today (I think) without any concessions on my part.

In much more interesting news, I’ve been over-playing this song the past few days. Like, over and over and over and…