Through it all

Some updates, of the future reference variety:

– I’m still without furniture, but I *feel* settled into my new place
– I’m broke, but hopefully not for too long
– living close to work is awesome — I strongly encourage it
– havarti is my new favourite cheese to enjoy with wine, though brie is still very yummy. for some reason I like the way the wine cuts through the soft cheeses.
– I’m an excellent cook
– my sister is crazy
– I’ve recently opened up my twitter from just a small group of friends to a more extended list
– and it’s only a matter of time before I end my secretive tshirt policy
– I think I’m going to start swimming every morning. the only question is whether I’ll be disciplined enough to get up on time.
– even though I haven’t been watching the NHL this year, I’m really missing the Olympic hockey games with no tv. I’m gonna start hitting up some bars soon.
– as a side note, I hate the Olympics
– I miss my friends