Not too late

A few weeks ago I saw Alicia Keys in concert, and two nights ago I saw wonderful amazing lovely Norah Jones.

Which means in a matter of weeks I’ve taken care of half of the concerts on my must-see list. The list, in no particular order…

The Roots
Lauryn Hill
John Legend
Alicia Keys
Norah Jones

Let’s just assume I won’t ever see Lauryn Hill perform. With that, a quick trip to New York City would allow me to have 80% of my list complete. I think that’s pretty good.

And who knows, maybe Lauryn is just going through a phase and will come around.

UPDATE: The Roots are playing at this year’s Toronto Jazz Festival!

Gratis versus Libre

Yesterday I added a tshirt page to this site, thus ending many years of guarded secrecy.

Why, you ask, after so many years?

Well, as a champion of open information, open content, open access, openness in general, free culture and all other things free (I use open here interchangeably with free — free as in freedom), it just seemed like the right and inevitable thing to do. Yes, maybe this puts my unique tshirt style at risk, and that sucks, but hey we’re talking about freedom here, right?

Besides there are so many great tshirts out there these days. It’s not like back in the day where I had to search endlessly, endlessly, for just one find, which would then show up on a crappy Gildan tee anyway. Plus, a few sites make excellent quality prints (see Tilteed) and deserve exposure for it.

I heart Alicia Keys

I’m seeing Alicia Keys in concert tomorrow…err, today, and so as is the custom, I’m listening to her songs and watching videos of her.

I love love love her laugh at 4:33 as she says “I love sweet potatoes” — sooo contagious <3

Which brings me to my next point. I think I might be in love with Alicia Keys. Like, for real though.

A note to those of you who haven’t heard of iheartradio: Welcome. We call this planet “Earth”