Mr Fix Computer

Lisa: Hey Sina, can you fix my laptop?

Sina: I don’t really know how to fix laptops, especially poorly designed Windows 7 laptops.

Lisa: Pleeeaaassssseeee, Sina?

Sina: Argh. Fine. Let me take a look at it.

[looks at laptop]

Sina: Here’s your problem.  [points to switch] You have the computer set to the “Be really annoying” setting — it’s the Windows 7 default.

[flicks switch]

Sina: All better now.

Lisa: Wow! Thanks Sina, you’re the best!! Alright bye!

Sina: You’re leaving? Don’t you wanna have lunch or something?

Lisa: Not really. I just wanted you fix my laptop.

Sina: Oh okay. Well. Take care.

This reminded me of this similar post from a while back. As well as this comic.

I got Seoul

Some updates:
I’m going to see The Roots crew, they’re playing at the jazz fest! :D
– I bought my ticket to Seoul. Emphasis on to…still don’t know where abouts we’re going or when we’re coming back. But Seoul on July 1, that’s for sure! :D
– George bought me a table set for my balcony and some counter stools too!! Best. Friend. Ever. It’s my first piece of furniture! :D


Easy like Sunday morning

I am an easy going friend. If you’re my friend, as long as you’re happy, I’m happy. Easy as that. But there a few things that I do expect. Actually no, there are really only two things I expect, namely:

1) Courtesy
2) Good intentions

Even 1) is a little loose as “mostly courteous” is enough — I mean, I understand that we’ll have different points of view on what it means to be courteous. That’s cool. But when it comes to 2) and you do things with malice and hurtful intentions, with the purpose of actually causing harm….man, that shit just don’t fly. I do not put up with people who intentionally try to cause me pain. I’m just too classy for that. There are way too many people lined up to be my friend for me to put with even a little bit of that.

So if you can’t deliver these two things then, please, just go away.

Eventually we are all dead

Society Steady State (Proposition):
Any society will eventually converge towards all of the following:
1) Freedom
2) Liberty
3) Universal Democracy

1) Free markets will prevail.
2) Common sense will prevail.

For that reason, I’m not so worried about the crazy Quebec government or the crazy commenters on this article, because, eventually, the government will be unable to impose itself on a person’s basic indiviual right to wear what he/she desires when it poses no individual or public danger whatsoever. Still, it’s sad to see in the meantime.