Same same

Probably my last update.

– I love the unexpected hiccups that pop up when travelling
– the pho I had on my first night in Vietnam is going to haunt me the rest of my life. (“that’s not dramatic at all.” “fuck you george, it’s going to haunt me forever.”)
– Ho Chi Minh City is so damn filthy
– I still prefer the name Saigon
– motor bikes everywhere. and crazy traffic, but that makes jaywalking a lot of fun.
– shuttle cock in the main square with locals? damn right.
– An Hoi is not as bizarro as I would’ve liked
– I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, biking is the best way to explore
– custom made suits and shoes is pretty bad ass
– I am not looking forward to my interviews upon my return.

More on my travels.

Or at least Rock Stars

My parents arrived in Thailand with three kids, stayed a year, and then left to Canada with four kids. That was in 1984. For the first time ever, I can sorta see what their life was like during that year.

What I’m basically saying is my parents are super stars.

China: The Cradle of Hypocrisy

Fuck the people’s republic.

Some other remarks:
– my friend Terry’s parents are awesome
– had an authentic Chinese experience at customs during a stopover in Guangzhou.
– I am sooooo glad to be out of China. even just four hours there rubbed me the wrong way. *shivers*
– in Siem Reep. it smells really nice – incense or something. about to head out for some Cambodian curry. yum.
– I finally feel halfway around the world. up to this point I just felt like I was at a large Pacific Mall.
– it’s not as humid as I expected to be. but it is rainy. enjoying a lightning show right now.
– live free or die.

Seoul with a capital S

Some notes:

– I’m genuinely shocked at how little culture shock I’m experiencing. I guess I’m just so used to my asian peeps.
– staying up all night catching up with friends is the best thing ever.
– for the first time in a really long time, I feel like myself again.
– those Korean Air flight attendants….man, they get to you.
– Korean kids love the peace sign.
– watching Korean kids at figure skating practice is the most adorable thing I’ve seen in a really long time.
– “yo, ever since you guys came I swear all the time” -Terry
– I love my friends <3