Infinite Brain Ammo

An email to my class from my TA (bold for emphasis):

Hi all,

<some useful hints for this week’s homework>

I hope it was helpful for all of you. I might not have access to internet tomorrow. This problem set is more challenging but surely you can solve them, you can “use your infinite ammo (your brain)”.


Quote from “metal gear solid”

There’s something just wonderful about my TA quoting a video game.

The fire

German Chancellor Angela Merkel says multiculturalism has failed in Germany. How? By “allowing people of different cultural backgrounds to live side by side without integrating into mainstream society”. Which basically means that Merkel’s idea of multiculturalism in Germany is actualy mono-culturalism in Germany. Her culture.

Which basically means intolerance has prevailed.

Listen, multiculturalism has nothing to do with language or race or religion or ethnicity or anything like that, although all of those things can be sources of multiculturalism. Multiculturalism has everything to do with the fact that people are different, can be different in many ways, and that that’s okay. Multiculturalism is just as much about  punk rockers coexisting with urban rappers as it is about Jews coexisting with Muslims. But I’m pretty sure Chancellor Merkel doesn’t think that punk rockers in Germany can’t get along with urban rappers in Germany, or that one group needs to “integrate” with the other in order to achieve a peaceful society.

It’s all about tolerance and acceptance, which stems from security in one’s own identity.

Saying that multiculturalism has failed because some people can’t speak German at a level you find satisfactory is just a viewpoint undertoned to propagate your own rooted fears and racist beliefs.

Multiculturalism is a byproduct of individual freedoms, with or without immigration.

Don’t ever let anybody try to tell you otherwise.

Public Displays of Effection

People keep asking me, “where have you been?” And I’m like, “what do you mean? nowhere.” And they’re like “oh you haven’t updated your blog in so long! why haven’t you updated it?” And then I’m like “hey man, I’m not ready for any commitments to you that you need to be asking why I do and don’t do things. you just need to step off my back.” And then they’re like “take it easy Sina, I was just asking.” And then I’m like “fuck you, Terry.”

Just kidding. Terry doesn’t read my blog.

So anyway, I haven’t been updating because I’ve been busy trying to learn this stuff.