What did I do this year? So many things.

bought real estate, officially
became obsessed with liberty
ended my secretive t-shirt policy
– did pretty well for myself
had my fundmental civil rights blatantly violated
explored Korea, Cambodia and Vietnam with mis amigos
tried to predict the stock market
won cash for life
crossed three names off my must-see list
had an interesting summer
regained my math mojo and rediscovered my love for physics
gave up on the economics community

Next year hopefully I’ll

– (finally) fully understand quantum mechanics
complete my must-see list!
– buy furniture!
– many other things!

Post Game Analysis

Some specific updates after writing my exam:

– I think I’ve regained my math mojo
– And I’ve rediscovered my love for physics
– And I’m so over the economics community and their damn idealogues — you know there’s something awry when a lowly bachelor like me gets it right while PhD’s are getting it so wrong. I give up.