Tyrants of the world: surrender!

Today I imagined I was some important government official being questioned by reporters. The exchange went something like this…

Reporter: Sina, do you have a response to Col Qaddafi proclamation that he will stay in Libya until the end or die a martyr.

Sina: Well then I guess he will die.

It would be sooooo good.

Freedom always wins

I’m giddy with excitement! Like Tunisia, a tyrant has fallen in Egypt and hopefully this will lead to a free democratic society for Egyptian people.

Algeria, Yemen, Iran and Jordan have seen similar recent protests and — not to get ahead of myself — 2011 may truly be a turning point.

During the demonstrations in Egypt and Tunisia I refrained myself from getting overly excited and making predictions of freedom until the tyrants were actually deposed.

Why? Because last time I totally jinxed it.

But anyway, a warning to oppressors around the world (see: China): freedom always wins, time is against you.

Fleetwood is old and dying

I’m now computerless.

I’ll try to bring Fleetwood back to life later in the week, but who knowa if she’ll ever work again. Pray for her. Or wish for her the next time it’s 11:11.

The question is: how long do you think I can go without a computer?

Doctrine of Douche

David Cameron wants to impress Angel Merkel and says that the “doctrine of Multiculturalism has failed” — whatever that means. I would argue that tolerance has failed. Or that douchebaggery has triumphed.

Cameron uses multiculturalism as a buzzword with no clear meaning in this context — which is usual in these types of debates. As I’ve said before, multiculturalism is really just a byproduct of individual freedoms, with or without immigration.

To say that multiculturalism has failed is to say that individual freedoms has failed.

Anyway, I’m not so worried about what Cameron thinks — he’s the type of Prime Minister that would visit Germany in 1938 and then claim peace in our time.

As an aside: why didn’t the BBC call Cameron out on his craziness in their coverage and note that all the examples Cameron cited as multiculturalism specifically regard race? He never talked, for example, about how difficult it is for Scottish culture and British culture to coexist. Oh right, it is journalism that is dead.