Fleetwood is retiring and I need a name for my new computer.

Here are some I’m considering:

– Macaroni
– Mac Daddy
– Bernie
– Phil, short for Philly, short for Philadelphia, in honour of Mac on It’s Always Sunny…
– MacGyver
– and similarly, McGarnagle
– or McBain
– or better yet, Mendoza

I’m leaning towards Mendoza.

Back online

I’ve been without a computer for several months and haven’t been able to update, but I’m back online now.

Here’s what’s happened:

– my computer died
– my mom got me a new computer
– saw Alicia Keys in a real venue
– lost my way

That’s pretty much it.

How life works

You make mistakes and live with the consequences, learning how to not make the same mistakes again. Sometimes you get lucky and learn from someone else, never making the mistake at all. And then sometimes you make the mistake more than once before you totally figure it out.

But no matter what, you always have to live with the consequences of what you do.

That’s how life works.