Canada’s Housing Bubble

In my head, I think of myself as a mathematician first and an economist second.

As such, one thing you should know about mathematicians is that they don’t talk much — we sorta just state things and expect you put the dots together yourself.

In that spirit, here’s your graph of the day showing Canada’s housing “bubble”:


I think when people talk about “Canada’s housing bubble” they’re really talking about “Vancouver’s housing bubble”.

Worst things about having a cast on your hand

– itchy itchy itchy itchy
– that feeling of your skin just DYING to touch the air
– wrapping it in plastic so that you can take a shower
– not being able to do dishes or clean
– getting dressed takes 10x longer
– anything with long sleeves doesn’t fit
– tying shoe laces
– very uncomfortable in hot weather
– not being able to ride your bike :(

And some good things
– you can make up badass stories about how you got it
– your boss expects you to be unproductive
– there are no other good things