Just generally super duper

Sina: So then I told her not to worry and wished her the best.

Scott: Man I  wanna date Sina.

Sina: Thanks Scott!

Olya: Why?

Scott: He’s just so positive.

Sina: And fun and adventurous and nice. And handsome!

Scott: Just a great guy.

Also, all Toronto postal codes start with M

Cashier: And what is your postal code?

Sina: My postal code?

Cashier: Yes sir.

Sina: It’s, uhhhh… K………..3..R….9…….uhh…Z. 1.

Cashier: You just made that up

Sina: No I didn’t

Cashier: Yes you did.

Sina: No I didn’t

Cashier: Okay, then what’s your address?

Sina: I’m sorry, but I can’t just be giving my address out to strangers.

FUN FACT: In cities, postal codes are usually as accurate street addresses.

Just not fair

Some notes, observations and such. Possibly the last time.

– I like it when I unexpectedly see my work in the news
– it’s an amazing feeling when you win your first game of ultimate
– if my wife ever insists we name our son Monty, I’m going to double insist that we name him Montezuma and call him Monty for short
– there is no feeling more torturous than guilt and shame

– I’ve been officially off caffeine for three months now
– I absolutely love my Kindle
– which I named Montezuma — Monty for short
– needless to say, I’ve had a really bad year
– and probably wasted the past two years of my life

– I’m now a weekday vegetarian
– my friend Terry has great taste in Japanese jeans, and I’m really glad his legs are too muscular now to fit into them (and that mine aren’t)
– I don’t think my dad knows how amazing he is
– every time my mom goes on a trip she brings me back alcohol — she’s kinda cool that way
– for the first time ever, I can write my name in Farsi
– and I ain’t a terrible reader either

– what I’m looking forward to most about grad school economics? two elective math classes
– I’m very comfortable being the underdog — it’s sorta my life story
– sometimes I do things just because they’re scary
– this can be good, and it can be bad
– I’ve started a collection of skull tshirts to prove that, contrary to what you’ve seen, skull tshirts don’t have to be lame
– I’m not sure how much longer I can last

And if you are reading this, whether now or in the distant future, I hope you are well.