The Ivory Tower

I worked at Ontario Finance for nearly three years. These are my accomplishments during my time there.

– updated/improved the way spending is estimated in the ministry’s Household Model
– implemented once a month Dessert Wednesdays
– single handedly made denim appropriate work attire

That’s it.

I did learn a few things, though.

– intimately learned Input-Output tables
– intimately learned the mechanics of the GST/HST system
– learned SQL
– learned a little bit of SAS, I suppose. (what crappy software)
– learned a lot about what management styles work and what management styles don’t work

This is why there’s so much misery in the world

According to my smart, educated, enlightened, progressive, sophisticated, worldly, open-minded, cultured exgirlfriend(s), I was born not good enough to marry her. In other words, because of less than 0.001% of my DNA.

Nothing in my life has made me feel more inferior and ashamed of my background than this experience.

I always thought that Toronto was the one unique place on earth that was immune to this archaic attitude, especially among the youth. But if even the brightest among us, living in the most multi-cultural place on the planet, fall victim to this ignorance, what chance does our society have?

What chance does the world have?