The Purple Tree Horcrux

I made my first geocache! You can find it here (green arrow):


Here’re the full details:

Traditional cache (Nano)

N 43° 39.747 W 079° 23.351

2/5 Difficulty
1/5 Terrain

This is a nano cache located in the heart of the Ontario Public Service.

It would be nice to have a bobby pin handy to help you get the logsheet out of the nano-container. Tweezers would be even better.

Please try to return the cache precisely to the original spot (bonus karma points if you do).

Sitting under the purple tree.
(highlight text above to see hint)

Go and find it!


A year or so ago someone made me this painting, a copy of van Gogh’s Sunflowers (F.456).

I never posted it at the time, but it certainly deserved one, so here it is now.

The photo doesn’t show the amazing brush detail.

Family of the Year

After seeing some tides and roaming the Cabot Trail, I’ll be back in Halifax tomorrow. Here are some key Cape Breton notes and observations.

– Nova Scotia looks a lot like Ontario.
– compared to Ontario, their tourism info centers are so helpful.
– small town Nova Scotians are much more comfortable with minorities than small town Ontarians. don’t ask me why.
– small towns are just too boring. as much as I love being with nature, I really am a city boy, in so many ways. or at least, I need to be relatively close to a city.
– and it is impossible to be a vegetarian out here, even just on weekdays.
– the Moon doesn’t get enough respect
– geocaching is so much harder when you don’t have a map!
– wild raspberries and blueberries everywhere, for no good reason — best ever.
– I wish I could draw — maybe I’ll look into that.
– in our globalized world, even restaurants in the maritimes use frozen seafood from god-knows-where (unless you look carefully, which of course I do).
– whenever you ask a server here to recommend something, for some reason they recommend the most bland thing on the menu. I just don’t get it.
– there are no words to describe what it feels like to watch a fin whale do its thing as it plunges in and out of the water while it feeds from the ocean floor. this one thing probably deserves its own post.
– full disclosure: I love whales