A land of Omicrons and Deltas

Jbot: It’s your turn to tell me story.

Sina: Well, okay.

Once upon a time there was a boy. He lived in a world that did not accept him, for his father was an Omicron and his mother was a Delta. Mixing of Omicrons and Deltas was taboo in this world, you see.

Still, the boy had a natural wit and charm that allowed him to prosper despite his birth fate. He had many friends, Omicrons and Deltas alike. He had a successful business and was liked by all. Sometimes he would even hold grand parties where he invited both his Omicron and his Delta friends, and the two groups would enjoy the party without reservation.

One day the boy met an Omicron girl through one of his business dealings. At first she was an ordinary Omicron girl, but over time the boy realized that he and the girl were near perfect compliments. They agreed on the things that should be agreed on and challenged each other on things that should be challenged. But of course, the girl rebuffed the boy’s attempts at courtship as she was an Omicron and could never marry anything but a pure-blood Omicron.

Over time, however, the girl could not resist the boy’s charm. They spent all their time together, were in constant communication and were always in each other’s thoughts. The girl began to wonder if maybe she could marry the boy, that maybe half-Omicron blood would be enough. The boy, insecure and always wondering about his future with the girl, continued his search for his match. After much trouble, it eventually became clear to the boy that the Omicron girl was the only perfect match for him and the only match he wanted. He devoted his entire life to the Omicron girl, and for some time the girl believed that with his devotion she could indeed spend her life with the Omicron-Delta boy.

One day, the girl walked by an Omicron market and decided to browse the merchants. As she watched the Omicrons in the market trading for Omicron goods, a huge dread fell upon her heart. She knew then that her life with the Omicron-Delta boy could not be. The next day she gave her last kiss to the boy. The two never spoke again though they were constantly in each other’s thoughts.

Soon the girl was married to a local Omicron noble. And she was indeed truly happy, and the boy knew this. The boy never found his match. He met many girls, some Omicrons, some Deltas, but his birth fate continued to haunt him. He lived happily, devoting much of his time to his nieces and nephews.

The end.

Jbot: Your kids are going to cry from your bedtime stories.

Sina: Oh come on, I thought that was pretty good for an ad lib story written into a touchscreen phone during a subway ride!

Horcrux Updates


Within a few hours of hiding my first geocache, someone found it! And many more have found it since:


I also thought that I should probably post pictures of the actual cache for when I’m old and lost my memory.

So fun!

I’ve been asked about the cache name and hint, purple tree. Well here’s the story, as best as I can remember.

Story of the Purple Tree:

The cache is attached to a bench, as you can see above. The bench is sitting directly under an eastern redbud tree, which has a beautiful purple blossom that completely covers the tree in May/June.

When I was first courting the second great love of my life (2GL), we both worked close to the park where the cache is hidden. It was May/June and when I saw the tree covered in those beautiful purple blossoms with a bench under it, I thought it would be a great meeting spot for an afternoon coffee with 2GL.

So I asked her to meet me at that bench in the park by giving her the exact geographic coordinates, and even provided a link in Google Maps that pinned the exact spot. Alas, 2GL claimed that she was terrible with directions and maps, and insisted that I give her qualitative directions. When I thought about the best way to describe where I wanted to meet her, I simply replied “just meet me under the purple tree.”

We would meet often there even after my courtship and the blossoms faded away, and we always referred to it as the purple tree.