S E E   A M E R I C A

As part of FDR’s New Deal in the 1930’s, the Works Progress Administration created posters to promote the US’s various national parks. These posters are amazing, and the national parks now sell them in miniature form as postcards.

As an avid postcard sender, I’ve seen a lot of postcards in my day, and these are absolutely gorgeous.

You can search the interwebs if you want to see them — search “wpa national parks posters” in the googles. They’re all so good! Here are my favourites.





Deciding when is the tricky part

Sina: There was a student trying to glance at someone else’s test for the answers — I had to move him to another seat.

TA #2: You let him write the rest of the test?!

Sina: He looked so desperate, I just let it go.

TA #2: That’s terrible!

Sina: Nahh. We don’t know this guy’s story. Maybe he’s going through a tough time, maybe something serious, and hasn’t been able to keep up. Why should I add to his troubles? Or hey, maybe not — maybe he’s just a lazy student. But either way, simply moving him makes the problem go away.

TA #2: That’s not fair to the other students.

Sina: Sometimes people just need a break. Sometimes people just need to be forgiven.

The Geometry of Yellow Pigs

On a cold day close to christmas last December, I gave a lecture about “Differential Equations on Smooth Manifolds” for one of my classes.

When I finished the lecture and I looked at the chalkboard, I was so proud of myself that I just had to take a picture.

Professor: You would be a good math lecturer.

Sina: Sir, I would be a great math lecturer.