A beginner’s guide to understanding Sina in 2013

This year Sina:

· spent several days hiking the Grand Canyon.
· finished grad school.
· circled the Mediterranean.
· witnessed a revolution in real-time.
· became extremely intolerant of intolerance.
· made some very smart investments.
· became fascinated with organizational systems, processes, and innovation.
· and also artificial intelligence, consciousness, and natural selection.
· started a new project — or, a new journey.
· became a mentor.
· went back to work. sigh.
· went back to commuting, even if only temporarily. double sigh.

It all looks good on paper. Never trust paper.

Tannu Tuva Initiative

Many months ago (in several tapas bars in Spain, actually) I created a website to publish all the research I do. It’s about time I link to it here: tannutuva.org

Don’t ask me what the point is: there is no point, it’s just a hobby. I still don’t have as much content as I’d like, but I’m working on it.

PRO TIP: View it on a mobile — it’s just gorgeous.