First Kiss(es)

Mod Club. Fundraiser. Jewellery table. AYJ.

#1: “Are you ready?” Hand.
#2: French. Music surrounds.
#3: French+. Alley. Graffiti. Orange light, bricks. Clear sky. Muffled pedestrian hipster laughter, taxis. Fanning vent, air conditioners.

I know what a blog is

A blog is the unedited voice of a person. #

The lack of editing is central, because it’s one person who’s responsible for every word. When you click the Publish button you should feel butterflies, at least sometimes, because there’s no one to pass the buck to. If someone else wrote the headline, or did a copy edit, or even reviewed what you wrote and critiqued it before it went out, it’s still writing, but it is not a blog. #