My mentee doesn’t speak English very well

Student: Can I ask you your sign?

Sina: My sign? Like astrology?

Student: Ummm, I think…like, uhhh

Sina: You mean, like Capricorn or something?

Student: Yeah!

Sina: Oh it’s Virgo. Why?

Student: I wanted to see if I was accurate.

Sina: What did you think I was?

Student: Aries. Because you’re enthusiastic.

Sina: Hahaha. That’s a nice compliment actually.

The Pros and Cons of Having a Dog

I spent last weekend dog-sitting. It was fun! Here are some takeaways.


– Lots of funny things happen — straight out of a sitcom.
– Lots of friendly strangers start conversations with you. Girls especially.
– Companionship: I can’t see why anyone with a dog would ever feel lonely.



– Caring for a dog is full of inconvenience. You can’t stay out too long without coming back to go for a walk. If you want to go somewhere that’s too far to walk, forget the hassle of public transit.
– Lots of strangers start conversations with you. Like geez, just leave me alone, I’m just walking my dog.
– There is so much dog hair — everywhere.

BONUS TIP: Young single men, delete your Tinder app and get a dog. You are welcome.