In 2015, I…

· Formulated a theory of high-end disruption.
· Became a transportation economist.
· Celebrated the summer solstice, all night.
· Got engaged.
· Almost got married.
· Lost my Shisha.
· Gained one partner and two roommates.
· Celebrated the winter solstice.
· Continued hard work for the future.
· Which is why I neglected this blog — in its 10th anniversary, no less.

My mantra for 2015 was “You’ve got to be willing to crash and burn.”
My mantra for 2016 will be “Be less polite.”

Sugars [Later post from 2008]

An interesting story….

When I was, say,  7 years old, my friend/classmate Jonathan had a Batman costume for Halloween which he wore to school to show off (by the way, I used to looovvvvvvvee Batman). Oh how beautiful that costume was. I wanted one for myself!!

I told my mom and dad about it and, since Halloween was still 2 days away, they instructed me to ask Jonathan where his parents bought his costume. So the next day (October 30th), I asked him where he got the costume. “Sugar” he said. “Huh?” I said. “Sugar!” I was very confused — that’s an odd name for a costume store, I thought to myself.

But anyway, I told my mom and dad that the place to get the best Halloween costume ever was at “Sugar”. Unfortunately, no one (including my parents) had ever heard of a store called “Sugar”.

So what do you do when the internet doesn’t exist yet and so you can’t Google the store you’re looking for….? You drive around looking for it! Which is what we did….for 2 hours.

Alas we never found it. I always assumed 7-year old Jonathan didn’t know what he was talking about.

Why is this important? It’s not. But in 50 years when my memory isn’t that great I’ll be able to come back and read this story and remember something about my childhood.

Oh yeah, and I saw the store on Avenue Road while driving home from work the other day. It really was called Sugars.

True story.