A simple project [Later post from 2012]

Hello future employers, coworkers, friends, girlfriends and wife.

Welcome to the ever-evolving experiment I started in 2005.

I am past-Sina, the ancestor of future-Sina, whom you most likely call Sina. We are merely strangers, separated by space and time, but if you are reading this then I must assume that you are interested in future-Sina for one reason or another. I must then tell you that you should take everything you read here with a light heart, for it was all created in a simpler time when the internet was free, winters were cold, and the world was not ruled by robot overlords.

As humans we like to think that we rarely change, that we are the same person we were when we were younger. This is not true, for you nor for me. It can be embarrassing to read our old letters and school work, recall our old habits and beliefs, or even just look at our old pictures and videos. Like nails on a chalkboard. We were naive when we were young, we tell ourselves. And we were!

The purpose of any blog is to share, including sharing with one’s future self, and a consequence of sharing is that a record book is automatically created. This is intentional — it’s why Facebook now has a ‘timeline’, and it’s why I’ve continued to maintain this blog over the years. No matter how vague, it takes courage to maintain such a strict, easily-searchable public record book. But I believe that the existence of such a record book is, in the end, very valuable. Of course I can remove content at any time in the future — and sometimes I do! — but this has been posted publicly on the internet for a reason.

If you want to, read and enjoy! Just don’t take anything you see here too seriously — it is rarely serious.

If you cannot handle it, it is best you close your browser now.