Greetings from Vancouver

· I certainly understand the appeal of Vancouver.
· Vancouver is a true port town. It’s not like the rest of the “West”.
· The Japanese food — sushi, ramen — is 5 stars.
· To people that keep telling me Vancouver housing is over-priced, my AirBnb has a fig tree and two palm trees in her backyard. So.

Greetings from Crowsnest Pass, Kimberley, Osoyoos and the Okanagan Valley

· There is something so satisfying about passing through a mountain range. It’s like you’ve found a loophole in the system.
· The railroads really did shape Canada western Canada.
· It’s fun to see remnants of the Old West.
· Once you realize that you’re still in Canada, Osoyoos is unreal.
· And of course, I could easily live in the Okanagan.


Greetings from Calgary and Banff

· Calgary is not that interesting. 2/10. Would not buy again.
· Banff is…nice? I mean, it’s nice. It’s nice.
· The Banff Springs Hotel was certainly something.
· Most ghost stories just reek of inauthenticity.
· The best way to experience a place is by walking/hiking or biking, and you just can’t do that in Calgary.
· I have nothing else.