Public Displays of Effection

People keep asking me, “where have you been?” And I’m like, “what do you mean? nowhere.” And they’re like “oh you haven’t updated your blog in so long! why haven’t you updated it?” And then I’m like “hey man, I’m not ready for any commitments to you that you need to be asking why I do and don’t do things. you just need to step off my back.” And then they’re like “take it easy Sina, I was just asking.” And then I’m like “fuck you, Terry.”

Just kidding. Terry doesn’t read my blog.

So anyway, I haven’t been updating because I’ve been busy trying to learn this stuff.

A typical conversation with my best friends

Word-for-word via Twitter…

Terry: @sina You better have a lady lined up for me when I come home. That was our deal. Remind George about his duty as well.

Sina: @terry fuck you. email george yourself and tell him. you better bring a Korean girl for me. no, THREE korean girls to choose from.

Terry: @sina Learn to keep your fucking promise. I will fucking bitch slap you with my cock, you fucking cunt muscle.

Sina: @terry you’re so fucking vulgar. no girl i find is gonna wanna hear that shit.

Cuqui: @terry @sina that’s not entiiiiirely true…

Sina: @cuqui @terry name one wholesome girl terry would like that would be okay with that potty mouth

Cuqui: @sina @terry was talking about myself dinkus.

Sina: @terry @cuqui fine….terry, i already have a girl lined up for you then. done. now get my three koreans